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Zonder Family Law Group, A Professional Corporation, now offers California state-wide online mediation for family law cases.

This means that mediation for your family law case can occur anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer or smart device with a webcam.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to explore online mediation for your family law case, please contact Zonder Family Law Group, A Professional Corporation here.

How Does Online Mediation Differ From In-Person Mediation?

Before discussing the differences, you should understand a bit about the mediation process. Mediation is an out of court solution to resolving your family law case. Through confidential meetings with a neutral mediator, you are able to negotiate the issues in your case.

The mediator does not represent either party in negotiations and cannot offer legal advice. The mediator can, however, provide suggestions and insights as to how cases would be handled in the Court as well as how they can be handled when parties work together.

Mediation requires informed consent and decision-making from both parties but can result in a reduction of the cost, stress, and time spent bringing your case to a resolution.

You can read more about whether mediation is right for you.

Both in-person and online mediation with Zonder Family Law Group feature face-to-face meetings with a licensed attorney, mediator, and Certified Family Law Specialist* through the use of technology and virtual meeting rooms.

The only difference between in person and online mediation is that you do not have to be physically present in the office with the mediator and your spouse for mediation sessions to occur.

Why online mediation?

Online mediation allows your case to be handled around your schedule. You are able to attend mediation sessions from the comfort of your own home or office.

It is also:

  • Generally more affordable than traditional divorce litigation;
  • Confidential since your negotiations are kept private and do not become public record as they would if your case proceeded through the standard hearing-to-trial model in the courthouse;
  • Less adversarial because you are able to negotiate with your spouse as opposed to leaving matters to argument in the courthouse;
  • Provides you with more control of the outcome as opposed to leaving the ultimate decision of how your case will be resolved in the hands of the Judge.

Online mediation offers a flexible means to bring your family law case to a close.

How does online mediation work?

You will meet with the mediator in a virtual meeting room that allows you to see and speak with both the mediator and your spouse during mediation sessions. If you need to speak privately with the mediator, you have the ability to do so in a break out room.

The mediator can also bring in additional team members to assist, such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to assist with complex financial issues or a mental health professional to assist with child custody issues. You can read more about enhanced team mediation here.

Since the mediator is a neutral party, it is highly recommended that both you and your spouse retain independent consulting counsel to review proposals as well as the final settlement agreement even if you choose a mediated approach.

It is important to note that even if you opt for a mediated approach, all of the standard family law formalities (including filing moving and responsive paperwork and exchanging financial disclosures, for example) will have to be met. The mediator will assist with paperwork preparation, filing, and service. Any and all documents can be exchanged through our confidential document management portal.

Communications with respect to scheduling your mediation sessions will be done via email. You’ll want to be sure that you have a functioning computer or smart device with a webcam, microphone, and speakers.

From the beginning of your family law case to its final resolution, the mediator can assist you while working together remotely.

Contact Zonder Family Law Group, A Professional Corporation, to schedule a consultation to discuss whether online mediation is right for your family law case.

* A Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) is certified by the State Bar as having demonstrated proficiency in the area of Family Law. There are rigorous requirements that must be met on an ongoing and annual basis.

View our Mediation Packages or call 805‑777‑7740.
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