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  • Before accepting your case, we perform a conflict check to confirm your spouse is not already our client.
  • We do not handle cases involving domestic violence or guardianship.
  • Mediation services beyond the scope of our standard package are billed at current hourly rates.

Mediation Package

Our mediation services provide an independent, neutral attorney to help disputing parties find a mutually acceptable settlement.

$ 7,500
  • Informal, confidential, and private
  • Negotiate and settle out of court
  • Faster and less expensive than litigation
  • Permits constructive and creative dispute solutions
  • Informal discovery process
  • Parties have a stronger voice in resolving their dispute
  • Mediators do not impose solutions on the parties
  • Does not include court filing fees

Mediation Package — 50% Share

Share the cost with your spouse. Send your spouse this 50% payment link:
$ 3,750
  • Everything in the Mediation Package PLUS . . .
  • Equally share the cost of the mediation package with your spouse.
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