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Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough. —Abraham Lincoln


In addition to being a Ventura County divorce mediation attorney and mediator with over 20 years of legal experience, I have completed over 100 hours of mediation training including advanced mediation and Collaborative Divorce training. Having successfully concluded countless private divorce mediations and volunteer court mediations, I wish to support clients to resolve seemingly intractable conflicts in more creative ways.

I am experienced in all areas of divorce dispute resolution including the following:

Property issues

  • Division of real properties including family residence, investment properties, business interests, personal, and intangible property.
  • Division of business interests including medical practice, law practice, dental practice, financial services practice.
  • Division of pensions, 401K, stock options, stock, and other retirement investments.
  • Complex marital estates.

Custody and support matters

Marital agreements

  • Premarital agreements.
  • Post marital agreements.

Post-judgment issues

  • Modification of support if jobs or timeshares change.
  • Modification of custody as children get older and circumstances change.

Why you should consider hiring me to mediate your divorce?

I chose family law because I have an interest helping people solve problems and resolve conflicts.  As a trial lawyer, I have seen the damage caused by protracted litigation through the courts.  We’ve all heard or experienced the traumatic tale of woe experienced by parents, friends or colleagues going through a Family Court divorce. The system is overburdened, fiscally impacted, staff layoffs, court closures, insufficient time to hear all the important information on the witness stand. Not to mention how expensive it is to litigate through the courts.  As a family law peacemaker, I volunteer my time as a divorce mediator at the Van Nuys Family Court, Los Angeles, and Ventura Superior Courts because I am committed to helping families find peaceful solutions for financial and custody disagreements. As an attorney educator, I volunteer my time as a lecturer for divorce education workshops across Southern California because I want men and women to be fully informed about all available options for getting through divorce.

Strategic partnering with financial experts, divorce coaches, and business appraisers is especially important for high-net-worth clients or those with complex issues. Working as part of a divorce team can be invaluable for select cases.

Ongoing legal education and mediation training is critical. In addition to attending the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers seminars yearly, in an effort to enhance my skills, I have taken over 100 hours of mediation and Collaborative Divorce training. I received advanced training as a Collaborative Divorce practitioner. I continue to take advanced Mediation training at Pepperdine University Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution in Malibu and through AIM in Los Angeles.

I am dedicated to raising awareness of ways to solve for divorce woes out of court. I am a member of the Coalition for Collaborative Divorce and LACFLA.  I am also actively working on behalf of CP Cal which is the California Collaborative Divorce group on fundraising and educational workshops. As a lecturer for Second Saturday Divorce Workshop, I provide an overview of the legal process and options for getting through your divorce including Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Lawyer to Lawyer Negotiation and Court. Why do I spend my time helping the courts settle cases and raising awareness of out-of-court divorce processes? Having been through a divorce, I know that that when you feel that your child(ren) are at stake and your financial future is up in the air, you aren’t just going to place your trust in our hands, unless we have a high level skill set, education, experience and compassion to help achieve a divorce settlement that is right for you. Explore which process works best for you.

When mediation is not the best fit

Mediation is not the best fit for all divorces and family law disputes.  For example:

  • Your spouse may not agree to mediate.
  • Your spouse may not deal with you fairly or honestly.

If this is your situation, you may want to read about the traditional divorce and family law services I provide.

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