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  • Need help drafting papers?
  • Need a lawyer to draft your settlement papers?
  • Need legal advice from time to time, not for the whole divorce

At Zonder Family Law, I am pleased to offer Los Angeles and Ventura County residents a full range of divorce and related legal services including UNBUNDLED legal services.

For those who are cost-conscious and unable to afford full tilt legal services, you may wish to consider using a lawyer on an “as needed basis”. Your focus may be on having your paperwork drafted which is often called “ghostwriting”. Or, you may be looking for a consultation to ensure that your divorce strategy is sound and to help assess your case. Finally, you may want to hire a lawyer to represent you in court on a limited basis, often called “limited scope representation”.

Some statistics have demonstrated that nearly 70 percent of the divorcing population starts out without an attorney and an even greater percentage have no legal representation by the time the divorce case ends. These statistics are alarming and signal to the legal professionals that many clients continue to need help though they may not be able to have you handle the entire case.

Please contact us to explore the option of hiring our firm for UNBUNDLED legal services.



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